Texas Instruments Burgertime 1984

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TEXAS INSTRUMENTS BURGERTIME (Cartridge #PHM 3233) This game was ported to the TI/99 and a certain John Phillips was legendary in the debugging and programming of the game. It was released in October, 1984 and was licensed from Data East Company. Evidently, in the TI-99/4A version you can press Shift 8 at the opening screen to display the message "Code modifications by John M. Phillips".

The excellent web site, timeline.99er.net, says, "Although the documentation (1053590-2033) gives no credit to the programmer(s) who did the work on the TI-99/4A version, Phillips planted this little easter egg to forever make his mark on the Burgertime program. According to the documentation, “You are Peter Pepper the chef. Ghastly pickles, terrifying hot dogs, and menacing eggs are invading your kitchen! Can you escape from the villians in time to make your burgers?”

"It is not a common cartridge because it actually found its way into the TI market in 1984, at least two months after the October 28, 1983 bailout by Texas Instruments from the Home Computer market."

There was also a company called Data Biotics that built a cart for TI called Burger Builder. You can get more information about Burger Builder at Michael Fox's Home page.

Some specs for the TI/99 are:
Company/Released : Texas Instruments
CPU : TMS-9900 (16 Bit)
Operating System : TI OS
RAM : 48 Kbytes
Storage : 2 5¼" Floppy Drives
Display : TV
Misc Peripherals : TI Dual Joystick
Speech Synthesizer
Wico Trackball Controller
Peripheral Expansion System with 1 5¼" Floppy Drive, RS-232 Interface and 32K Ram Card.

The Burgertime T!/99 Manual is at http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~shs97rma/burger.html or you can download just the text here

The TI/99 Manual is avaliable for 5$ from http://pw1.netcom.com/~mjmw/phmm.htm

A TI/99 Emulator for PC is avaliable at http://pw1.netcom.com/~mjmw/pc99.htm

Complete Burgertime release data for the TI/99 is at http://timeline.99er.net/enc_b.htm


Compliments of Michael Fox

Burger Builder


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