An Incomplete History of Incarnations of Burgertime
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In the ever continuing effort to keep all the church of burgertime faithful informed about the game that is of the making of the burgers, the church fathers present here a summary of the game its many manifestaions. The church makes no recommendation as to which game the neophyte should play to gain the enlightenment of Chef Pepper, however the MAME is provided since it can be installed on any PC and requires no additional hardware. If you have one of these arcade, home or handheld devices, you are indeed a devoted apostle. Pictures are credited when possible. If you see something of your's on here and you'd like credit, let us know. Also, pontifex maximus greatly encourages your comments where the history may not be correct and would greatly appreciate any information on devices or versions that have not been mentioned here.

For your quest of all that is burgertime we give you; An Incomplete History of Incarnations of Burgertime. You can either check out the arcade games on this page and move onto Handheld, Home and PC or you can use this chronological list.


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upright 1982. The Arcade Game that Started it All.

The original Burgertime arcade game was developed by Singapore Data East or DECO in 1982. Bally Midway Mfg. Co. licensed the game that year and brought it to every arcade in the U.S. in standup and cocktail versions.

More information including the manual is here

1982 The DECO version of the Burgertime Arcade game. More about the DECO Version.
1984 Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory is another DECO arcade sequel to Burgertime. More here
1990 Super Burgertime. High graphics, dual player mode and utter insanity. More here.
2002 Sandwich, (Salada). A new Burgertime Arcade game? More here.
Arcade Games | Home systems | Handhelds | PC and MAME | Full List of Incarnations

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