Intellivision Diner 1984

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INTELLIVISION DINER 1984. Burgertime was such a successful port that Intellivision created a sequel to the game called Diner. Ray Kaestner was actually working on a sequel to Masters of the Universe. The game was a bunch of Escher type screens of ladders and rather than make the sequel to Masters, the game became Diner.

Ray's a really cool guy. Check out an interview with him here. He was given a Cheesburger Birthday Cake one year for his birthday. He is a true prophet of the church.

From BlueSky Makingit site
Diner is cart [INTV #8800]
BurgerTime trademark used under license from Data East USA, Inc.
Produced by Realtime Associates for INTV Corporation
Includes code from the unreleased Masters of the Universe II produced at Mattel Electronics
Design/Program: Ray Kaestner
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Sound: David Warhol
Package illustration: Keith Robinson

"Peter Pepper, the brave chef from BURGERTIME is back! But so are the evil Hot Dogs and some NEW villains -- a cheap Cherry, a bad Banana and Mugsy, the Mug o' Root Beer. Peter needs your help to escape these Rotten Foods and get lunch onto the plate!"

There is also an easter egg in the game. The credits will start rolling automatically if you leave the title screen up long enough.

You can get the manual here
An Intellivision emulator is avaliable at

Screen Shots
The Game

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