ColecoVision Burgertime 1983

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COLECOVISION BURGERTIME [COLECO #2430] M Networks attempted to create games for the newly released ColecoVision in 1983. The Coleco system had an actual operating system that utilized a ROM. The OS was considered proprietary and top secret by Coleco. David Akers figured out how to program for the ColecoVision and Mattel began developing titles in 1983.

Mattel's Electronics division crashed hard in 1983 and they closed all their U.S. development offices. The Mattel Electronics facility in Nice, France remained opened and the Coleco Burgertime version [MATTEL #7514/unreleased] was completed there. The game was announced in January, 1984 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This version of the game looked like the Mattel version but eveidently COleco created their own version. So two versions were ported for ColecoVision.

Mattel Electronics was closed a few weeks later but the French office stayed in business under the name Nice Ideas. Coleco entered the emerging home computer market with "Adam" and there was a Burgertime version for that also. They had success with the Cabbage Patch doll in 1985 and made $600 million. In April 1989 Colco sold its assets to Hasbro.

Coleco was an old company. The name is a contraction of COnneticut LEather COmpany.

The complete Burgertime manual is at: or you can download it here

The Coleco Burgertime ROM is avaliable at and

Game pictures
European CBS box.

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M Network version.

Coleco version.


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