Intellivision Burgertime 1983

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INTELLIVISION BURGERTIME 1983.[#4549] The most successful version of Burgertime to be ported to the home entertainment systems was Intellivision. The Intellivision game system was cloned as the following systems, Radio Shack Tandyvision One, the Sears Super Video Arcade, and the INTV Master Component (also called INTV System III and the INTV Super Pro System). More on the history of the game can be found at the excellent BlueSky Makingit site

From Bluesky, "BurgerTime was the first Intellivision cartridge not released as part of a game "network," although the box color, burgundy, matching that of Vectron, indicates that it was originally intended to be part of the Arcade Network. BurgerTime was initially released in the same style boxes of the game networks -- the covers opened like a book. Later copies of BurgerTime were sold in the cheaper, slightly shorter, end-opening boxes used for all subsequent cartridge releases."

Ray Kaestner was the programmer who was responsible for porting the game and he finished it in two months. He's an interesting guy and an interview with him can be read here. Karen Nugent did the graphics and Bill Goodrich did the Music and Sound Effects.

Burgertime was so successful that Intellivison produced a sequel called Diner. That game is covered on another page.

The complete Intellivision Burgertime manual is at: or you can download it here

An Intellivision emulator is avaliable at

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Picture of Keith Robinson who worked for Intellivision from 1981 to 1984. He's wearing an apron and a hat from the original release of Burgertime. More on the Las Vegas 2001 Gaming Convention here.

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