Mattel Aquarius II Burgertime 1982

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MATTEL AQUARIUS II BURGERTIME There was a version of Burgertime that was released in 1982 on Mattel's Aquarius II system. From the October - November 1983 issue of "Video Games Player",

"....The Aquarius Computer"

"Rather than turning your game system into a computer, some of you may just want to buy a real computer. For you, Mattel has created Aquarius. When Aquarius first came out, it caught a lot of flak from people, mainly because of its rinky-dink keyboard. The keys were calculator-type keys, and there wasn't even a space bar. It might have been useful for young children, but for everybody else, forget it. Fortunately, Mattel realized Aquarius was a mistake, and now we have Aquarius II. In addition to a full-stroke typewriter keyboard, Aquarius II is more powerful than Aquarius--12K ROM and 20K RAM expandable to 64K. For those of you who are interested in such things, Aquarius II has a Z80A microprocessor, built-in Microsoft BASIC, 16 colors, 320 x 192 resolution, 40 x 24 character display, upper and lower case letters, CP/M capability . . . and even a space bar."

"... The Aquarius Modem will connect you with Aquarius Home Services (such as Hints From Heloise) and CompuServe. The Aquarius Master Expansion Module is a double disk drive that will be available in early 1984. There is also a Data Recorder, Aquarius Memory Cartridges, Aquarius Mini Expander (to play games), and the Command Console, which will be able to turn appliances on and off in your home automatically. "

"It will, for example, start dad's coffee before he wakes up, turn on the sprinklers, and turn the lights on when nobody's home. The software for Aquarius includes games -BurgerTime," etc. etc.

Uh huh. Mattel lost a bunch of money in the home computer/entertainment market in 1983. The game was ported to Atari2600, Cloeco, Commodore, and Texas Instruments and there was a lot going on between Atari and Mattel at the time. The reason the M networks was formed was so that Mattel could feel that they were competing with Atari when they ported games for the popular system. More about that can be read here.

In 1984 Mattel Inc. closed Mattel Electronics and sold the rights to the Intellivision system and games to a product-liquidation company. Intellivision made good in the next 2 years, but that is another home system.

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