Apple II Burgertime 1982

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Facts from The Apple II was announced in June 1977. was based on Wozniak's Apple I design, but with several additions. The first was the design of a plastic case--a rarity at the time--which was painted beige. The second was the ability to display color graphics--a holy grail in the industry. The Apple II also included a larger ROM, more expandable RAM (4K to start), and 8 expansion slots. It had integer BASIC hard-coded on the ROM for easier programming, and included two game paddles and a demo cassette for $1,298. In early 1978 Apple also released a disk drive for the machine, one of the most inexpensive available.

It contained a MOS 8-bit 6502 processor which could run at speeds up to 1 MHz. It contained 64K of RAM and a 12K ROM and had an optional floppy drive. The Display was 6 color at 280x192, 4-bit color at 40x48 and it had a built in speaker. Burgertime ran on it and later on the Apple III. The Apple II was replaced by the Apple III, which sold very poorly and was replaced by the Apple IIIplus ($2995) in Late 1983. The Apple IIIplus was discontinued in 1985.

From Mattel's Video Game Catalog, "Finally owners of IBM and Apple personal computers can have a little fun. With a new line of entertainment software, Mattel Electronics becomes one of the first video game manufacturer to make software that's compatible with the IBM Personal Computer and the Apple II, Apple II E and II Plus. So you can turn your IBM or Apple computer into an advanced video entertainment system. With fast-paced action, super quality graphics and realistic game play. Our most popular games are now available. Including BurgerTime, the sensational arcade game."

The Apple II manual for burgertime can be found here or downloaded here. This is by: By Andrew Schultz(

A review of the game is here, also by Andrew. GameFAQs

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