the church of burger time

If you need something that's not here, send me mail. There are two versions of the MAME avaliable on this site. MAME for Win95/8 is the old version, 0.30. MAME for Win98 is version .055. Both versions run on Windows machines, however the ROMs that are listed with .055 ONLY run with the new version.

The Multi-Arcade Emulator, versions .30 and .55
MAME for Win95/8 ver .30

MAME for Win98 ver .55

Version .30 ROMs

Qix [by request]
Mr. Do [by request]
Kangaroo [by request]
Q-bert [by request]
crystal castles
donkey kong jr removed by threat of Copyright wankers
frogger removed by threat of Copyright wankers
pacman removed by threat of Copyright wankers

Version .55 ROMs
Note: you must download all three of these ROMs to play the game.
Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory ver .55

Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory ver .55 (PART 2)
Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory DECO Cass. (PART 3)

How do you install the MAME?

The MAME is a Multi-Arcade Emulator. If you are running Windows 98 or Windows 95, you can install it.

  1. From this page select the link to MAME for Win95/8 and get the file Download this on to your computer.
  2. Once it is on your computer, use WinZip to Unzip (uncompress the file). You should be able to just click on to do this. If you don't have WinZip, you can get it here. It is something you should have on your Windows machine.
  3. You will unzip the files to a subdirectory on your machine, I call this MAME. You can call it whatever you want, but in these directions, I call it MAME.
  4. You don't have to install anything. You just unzip and you have all the things you need to run it.
  5. Once you have all the files in a subdirectory, you will need to get the Burger Time ROM. ROMs are the things that are the individual games. I *think* you have to create a roms subdirectory in your MAME subdirectory then point MAME to it by going to explorer and clicking on the executable file, mame32.exe. You'll see.
  6. So, click on the burger time link on this page and download the file to your machine.
  7. When you have that file, use Winzip again and extract the files to your /MAME/roms/ subdirectory.
  8. Now you should open MAME by clicking mame32.exe and you should see burgertime in your list of available games. To run the game, just click on Burgertime
  9. The default keyboard controls for burger time are:

    key 3 to put in quarters
    key tab to get to set up screen
    key 1 to start
    key ctrl to pepper
    key escape to leave the game.


Copyright Bullshit: You are not allowed to distribute MAME and ROM images on the same physical medium. You are allowed to make them available for download on the same web site, but only if you warn users about the copyright status of the ROMs and the legal issues involved. [OK? There's copyright issues - got it? - good]. You are NOT allowed to make MAME available for download together with one giant big file containing all of the supported ROMs, or any files containing more than one ROM set each. You are not allowed to distribute MAME in any form if you sell, advertise or publicize illegal CD-ROMs or other media containing ROM images. Note that the restriction applies even if you don't directly make money out of that. The restriction of course does not apply if the CD-ROMs are published by the ROMs copyrights owners. Also, if this hoses your machine, I can't be held responsible so piss off.

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